Morgue Refrigerator

Morgue Refrigerator
(2-Body) Conveyor Style End Opening

Dimension: Long 90”, Wide 40”, High 79”
(1) Cooling unit long 40”, wide 19.6”, high 14.5” mounted on top of
   the morgue refrigerator with micro processor controlled display penal
    showing the temperature of morgue.
(2) System capacity 3500 BTU’s/hour at 90 ambient temperature
    calculated load for 4 C is 1101 BTU’s/ hour calculated from 32.2”
    ambient temperature.
(3) Refrigeration System all panels are foamed-in-place with hfc-134a,
    cfc free, polyurethane insulation. Zero ozone-depletion.
(4) 23” W X 35” H Solid service Doors – Stainless Int.. Each solid
    service door includes cam lift hinges, pull handle with magnetic
(5) Trays are provided with built-in hand slots and are constructed for
    heavy-duty use with continuous welded corners.
(6) Door controlled light switch
(7) Vapor proof incandescent light
(8) Conveyor racks and trays are included.